Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid (Panthenol, calcium pantothenate)

In 100grams there is 1.6mg in eggs, 1.5mg in oats , 1.36mg in lentils, 1.1 mg in brown rice and 1.04mg of B5 in 100g of peanut butter.

B5 is water soluble and another family member of the B complex family. B5 helps in cell building, maintaining normal growth and development of the central nervous system. It is vital for the proper functioning of the adrenal glands. Essential for conversion of fat and sugar to energy. Necessary for synthesis of antibodies for utilisation of PABA and choline.

Function of vitamin B5

B5 is an aid in wound healing, it fights infection by building antibodies. Treats post operative shock. Prevents fatigue. Reduce adverse and toxic effects of many antibiotics. Lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

Foods rich in vitamin B5

Meat, whole grains, bran, kidney, liver, heart ,green vegetables, brewers yeast, nuts, chicken, unrefined molasses. Here is a full list of foods that contain B5, Pantothenic acid.

Signs of deficiency

Hypoglycaemia, duo dermal ulcers, blood and skin disorders.

Signs of excess

Not known

Recommended daily dosage

5 mg for adults
For full table of dosage in all age groups

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Further reading

Medical news today
Web MD
Video on B5
Dr. Osborne
Acne and B5, testimony from a mother.


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